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Let’s talk about male sex toys

In recent years, sex toys are becoming “less taboo.” Media now have no problem to talk about women sex toys. We often see vibrators and other toys featured in significant publications. So, a lot of women are now comfortable talking about sex toys.

This isn’t true for men. Most men are still embarrassed to talk about sex toys. I’ve never met a group of guys at ease talking about Fleshlights like some women would be about vibrators.

The lounge’s purpose is to spark conversations on the subject. We want to break the taboo regarding male sex toys.

Types of Male Sex Toys

Sex toys for men come in different varieties. You can distinguish between penis toys and prostate toys.

Penis toys are sometimes called male masturbators since their goal is really to enhance classical masturbation. Some people also use the term Fleshlight, which is the leading brand of male masturbators. This brand is so well known that it became an eponym for the product category, just like Kleenex is now a synonym of a tissue paper. You can read our Fleshlight reviews page for more information.

The same thing happened to prostate toys. Aneros, the leading brand of prostate toys became a term used for prostate massager.

Fleshlight Masturbator
Fleshlight Masturbator
Generic Masturbator
Generic Masturbator
Prostate Massager
Prostate Massager

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Therapeutic Sex Toys

Women’s sex toys are sometimes used as a medical or therapeutic device. Well, male sex toys can now treat some conditions like premature ejaculation. It’s the case of MyHixel, a masturbator that can be used with a mobile app to help men last longer in bed. You can check a specialized review of MyHixel by a specialist of PE at Premature Ejaculation Help.

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