About Us

What is Sex Toys Lounge?

Sex Toys Lounge is a blog about male sex toys. More specifically, here are the different types of content we produce.

  • Sex toys reviews and buyer’s guide;
  • Articles on how to use and how to take care of different sex toys;
  • Opinion pieces on sex toys usage and the place of sex toys in the society;
  • Studies on the status of the male sex toys market;

Our Mission

Our mission is to break taboos about male sex toys and democratize their use. We want to do so while promoting a non-judgemental and sex-positive environment.

Who we are

Here’s a list of our writers and contributors. Please note that due to the nature of the blog, not all contributors use their real name. Some might use pen names.

Mark Lafontaine


Hi! I’m the guy behind The goal of this site is to help makemale sex toys more acceptable in society. We also want to address the questions that some men might have about sex toys.

Tim M.

Main Writer

Tim M is a professional writer that currently resides in South East Asia. His passions include traveling, food, and fitness. Besides sex toys, his guilty pleasure is pro wrestling.



Lilith is a polyamorous woman who has been writing for over five years. She enjoys writing about sex, toys, relationships, love, and mental health.

Katrina Russell


Katrina is dating, relationship, and sex blogger. She’s motivated in enhanced people’s sex life with good writing that can spark some conversations!