Katrina Russell

Hi, I'm Katrina, a sex toys enthusiasts! I like to talk about dating, relationship, and anything regarding sex. Most men that I know are shy to talk about sex toys. That's a shame because there is so much possibility to enhance our sex life when we're ready to talk and try new things 😉.

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  1. Joe
    October 2, 2020 @ 10:49 pm

    I just posted some comments on the “What does a Fleshlight feel like?” article, and wanted to post them here too, as they relate to what you wrote above.

    Masturbation is all about fantasy. A Fleshlight can’t take the place of a real lover, but anything that helps “trick” your mind and body into losing itself in the fantasy is going to make it much more satisfying. I would recommend to anyone who owns a Fleshlight or similar male toy, or is considering buying one, that they make the effort to use it “hands-free”. Your suggestions are a good starting point, and I’ve seen some remarkable home-made hands-free mounts posted online. Lets face it, alot of guys like to build things, and all guys like to masturbate, lol. But you don’t need an Engineering Degree, just a little horny ingenuity.

    Being able to actively thrust into the sex-toy, moving your whole body, adds greatly to the fantasy aspect I talked about earlier.
    Essential to that illusion, is something you mentioned: warmth. I can’t imagine using a Fleshlight cold. There are various ways to warm them. The manufacturer recommends soaking in hot water, and they also sell a sleeve warmer (imagine a slim dildo on a stand that heats up). I’ve also found a simple hot pad wrapped around it to work wonders…and I warm up the lube as well. I can say without hesitation that the most satisfying masturbation experience of my life was using a heated fleshlight hands-free while watching a POV (first-person point of view) porn video on a VR headset with sound. I timed my movement to the person in the video, and it was the closest thing to real sex I’ve ever experienced without a partner!


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